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Experience your career transition as a journey of self-reflection.

Finding oneself amongst the waves and through the noise of excitement and trepidation.


We have developed a six month support program to ensure CEO’s have access to a tailor made program and resources to ensure they are “market fit” focused and creating their next opportunities. Designed for CEO’s who are entering / considering a career transition over the next 12 months receiving 4-5 hours of our dedicated time each month.

Months One To Six

Content Marketing

Takes you through building your profile, CV, Board Bio and LinkedIn profile.

Headhunter Community

Is the headhunter community, making sure that you are connected globally with the most credible and referenced headhunters in your space.

Personal Branding

Is about your personal brand, how to build your pitch and ensure that you are comfortable in what you are searching for.

Research & Market Mapping

Designing your outreach and enriching your network. Making sure you are working closely with our Head of Research to build your network of decision makers.

Building Visibility

Is about building your visibility, creating 2 thought leadership articles with you, building your marketing.

Communication & Engagement

Managing your communications, using our technology helping you maximise your reach outs, connections and follow ups.

Months Seven To Twelve

Being there for you, through the good times and challenging times. We arrange monthly check-in's to ensure you feel prepared, ready and remain focused on the journey ahead.

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