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10 Steps to a Successful Transition

Here is something I put together to help CEO’s in transition. It’s not fool proof, nor guaranteed but just a guide that may help some of you as you embark on your transition adventure. I’m always here if anyone wants to reach out and brainstorm.

10 Steps to a successful transition – 150 conversations.

  1. Be prepared for rejection, it will happen. Emails will “go missing”, calls will not be returned. Expect it as part of the process. 50% of people will not get back to you.

  2. Be prepared it will take time. Some transitions take ages…24 months is not uncommon. Typically and under Covid we expect more 12 month timelines.

  3. Know that the likely source of your next role is 80% from your network or network’s network. Know and build a network of recommended Headhunters BUT don’t wait for the phone to ring.

  4. Don’t assume you have activated your network until you have spoken to each of them. Draw up your list, dig out your business card holders, look through your LinkedIn connections and pull out 50 people you like, trust and admire and ask for zoom call.

  5. List all the key people who you’ve met over your professional career who are now influencers in the Boardroom. Then reach out to them. Try for 25.

  6. Start as early as you can. Thinking about your transition as early as possible will make the process easier. Don’t assume there’s a bad or good time to start. Just start.

  7. Know it will be an adventure, full of highs and lows, where you will have your emotions and relationships stretched. It’s going to be like running a marathon but here you don’t know where the finish line is. But there is a role and environment out there for you, remain positive.

  8. You need to own your transition. You ARE the single biggest factor in finding your next role. Every day do your reach outs. Get market fit and stay in the game.

  9. Create a wish list of leaders and companies whose values you share and who you think would be fun places to work and start connecting. Contact 75 CEO’s and Chairman in companies that you think you could impact.

  10. Work on your CV, LinkedIn, Visibility and get your pitch right. Practice, practice and find resources who can help. You might need a coach, trainer, mentor, resource who can help you feel confident and be “market fit”.

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