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For a CEO, career transition is often a painful process, steeped in a sense of loss, the journey can be profoundly uncomfortable and exposes CEOs to a new realm of self-reflection and public perception.

Are you experiencing these feelings? 



As a CEO, you might find career transition painfully unsettling. It's not just a job change; it's a shift in your identity and sense of purpose. This phase can feel like a loss, challenging your self-worth and legacy. It's a personal upheaval, a profound shift from the certainty and control you're used to. But remember, it's also a chance to rediscover and redefine your true strengths and aspirations.



This transition is likely to take you out of your comfort zone. You, who have always been at the helm, might now feel adrift, facing a future filled with uncertainties. This discomfort is a natural part of reevaluating your goals beyond the corporate cocoon. It's an opportunity to confront vulnerabilities, to learn, and to chart a new, exciting course. It's okay to feel uneasy; it's a sign of the significant, transformative journey you're embarking on.



Your career transition exposes you to new levels of introspection and public scrutiny. Without the familiar title, you face the market's - and your own - raw assessment of your skills and achievements. This exposure can be daunting, but it's also a chance for real growth. It's about embracing humility, learning from it, and using this insight to propel yourself towards new heights. This is your moment to shine in a different light, to show the world - and yourself - the full spectrum of your capabilities.

You are not alone. This transition, while daunting, is a pivotal moment for growth, self-discovery, and redefining your path forward.  

With our team of experts we are the team in your corner helping you navigate and increase the choice in opportunities.

Accountability Coaching

Experience the difference of having a dedicated team by your side.  Let us help you unlock your full potential and increase the opportunities to secure your next role. This service is six months and is inclusive of all the six services listed here.


Let us help you grow your network by mapping industries and geographies through our personalised research service


We can help you identify the most suitable headhunters and executive search firms based on your expertise, ensuring a targeted approach.


Transition can be frustrating.  As your accountability buddies, we're here when the going gets tough and keep you market fit.


Give your personal brand the recognition it deserves. We will help you showcase your achievements and excellence through a narrative you will feel confident in delivering, both online and in person.  These services are delivered stand alone or as a package


Improve your CV or Board Bio to ensure you have the best chance of getting that all-important interview


Update your profile to showcases your amazing experience. Use Linkedin to engage with your community


Do you have an elevator pitch? Do you deliver it as well as you would like? We can help you craft and present with confidence

True Stories

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Gary Coleman, Former, President and CEO, Big Freight Systems Inc.

"I was introduced to Alice after I sold my company which I had owned and operated for almost 4 decades. I was never concerned with my personal brand as my focus was always on driving the business forward and promoting our value proposition. Alice and her team walked me through the principles of personal branding and played an integral role in getting my CV properly formatted and my LinkedIn profile updated. I’m now in a much improved position to move forward with my goal of accepting Board of Director opportunities."
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